HLZD502 Series elevation type lighting device Produk Helon Internusa Flamindo Electrical Explosion Proof
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HLZD502 Series elevation type lighting device

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03-04-2017 18:02
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HLZD502 Series elevation type lighting device


Can be used in the railway, electric industry,public security, oil field, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprise and various large-scale field operation,emergency repair, emergency rescue and disaster relief work places as mobile illumination.


1. Lamp panel is composed of four Philips 500W energy-efficient lamp caps; as needed can adjust four lamp caps into four different direction equally, or adjust each lamp cap' direction into up and down, left and right angle to achieve 360° omnibearing llumination; or if need four lamp caps illuminate into the same direction, overturn the all lamp panel to opening direction within 250° or on the air cylinder axis to left or right direction within 360°; Spot light cap can light in remote area horizontal direction, while integral illumination is in good condition with high illuminating brightness and long service life bulb;
2. Lamp panel adopts pneumatic type telescopic cylinder as a rise and fall way with 4.5 meters maximum lifting height(up to 6 meters according to requirements); turn lamp cap up and down to adjust light beam angle, and light covering radius is up to 30~50 meters
3. Air pump can control the up and down of telescopic cylinder by electricity  or manual operation; Wireless remote control can control the on and off of each light respectively within 80 meters;
4. The device can be fixed in narrow palces reliably; Lamps, lamp panels,cylinder and generator set are integrally-built, and generator set can run on rutted road with universal wheels installed on the bottom or on the track with optional installation rails wheels installed on the bottom.
5. Generator set is standard equipped with gasoline generating set; If need diesel engine set, please notice when ordering;
6. The whole device is made of various high quality metal material with compact structure and stable performance and can operate normally in various severe environment and weather with anti-rain, anti-spray water and Class 8 wind resistance classification;
7. If the standard configuration fo the device can not meet user's requirements, our company can adjust the amount of lamp cap in the lamp panel, power, shape of lamp, the lifting height of telescopic cylinder and the equipments of generator set according to the user's requirements to meet personalized needs.

Main technical parameters

Lamp panel Continuous work time Telescopic cylinder
Working Lamp cap Lamp cap average Electric supply Generator set with full fuel  Minimum height Maximum lifting height rise/ fall time
voltage (V) power (W) Luminous  flux (lm) service life (h) (h)  for single time using(h) (mm) (mm) (s)
220 4×500 10000 2000 Long time 13 1500 4500/6000 80/30
Generator set Outline dimensions Weight
Rated output voltage(V) Output power/Fuel capacity (W/L) L×W×H(mm) Lamp panel(Kg) Telescopic cylinder/Generator set(Kg)
220 W/L 350×500×800 8 8/60

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