BFS-□F Series of explosion-proof exhaust fan (Square)(ⅡB) Produk Helon Internusa Flamindo Electrical Explosion Proof

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BFS-□F Series of explosion-proof exhaust fan (Square)(ⅡB)
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1. Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2,groupⅡA,ⅡB and explosive atmosphere; 
2. Temperature classes: T1 ~ T4; 
3. Indoor and outdoor (IP54); 
4. For the chemical industry, oil refining, oil exploration, oil tankers, pharmaceutical, military and other dangerous places for ventilation, exhaust, cooling purposes.


1. The product is made of the explosion-proof motor, blades, metal frame, blinds and other components; 
2. The surface electrostatic spray, exposed fasteners is stainless steel , appearance; 
3. louvers for aluminum, anodized surface; 
4. with a damping device, low noise operation; 
5. wiring with cable.

Model implication


Main technical parameters

Type specification  Rated Power(W) Air valume Main shaft speed Ex-mark Degree of Erosion- Inlet thread Cable outer
 voltage (V) (m3/min) (rpm/min) protection proof class  (G) dia.(mm)
BFS-300F(S) 220 180 24 1450 ExdⅡBT4Gb IP54 W,   WF1 3/4 φ10~φ14
BFS-400F(S) 380 48

Outline & installation dimensions

Type specification A(mm) B(L×W)(mm) C(L×W)(mm)
BFS-300F(S) 246 398×398 356×280
BFS-400F(S) 246 498×498 456×380
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